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Everything has being figured out except how to live.

Life exists in individual moments and it is up to us make sure that those moments are vast, interconnected and grand.

To make a masterpiece out of life. One that we would live again and again for all eternity. This is what we should strive for.

I love this idea, essentialising our lives, of italicising our experiences, of turning our story into thus story, of seeing the universe in the pacific and sort of align ourselves with the archetype of the Hero’s journey, of trying to see a departure from the ordinary in every single instant. A chance to learn something new, a chance to leverage obstacles and learn from them and met people along the way that can teach us something.

Transcend your own limitations, as Stephen Johnston says, “ the world is full of clues and you can read your way through it.” If you are able to turn your life into an art piece. If you are able to turn your narrative into a non-narrative, then you become that Hero; you become the God of your life. It is the archetype of every Film. It’s the Joseph Campbell Hero’s journey.

The problem is that Capitalism has turned life into Consumerism. If people are richer and healthier, then they must be happier.

But social, ethical and spiritual factors have as great an impact on our happiness as material conditions.

Perhaps in this time of modern technology we are beginning to see alienation and meaninglessness replacing prosperity.

So what is happiness? What is it that really makes people happy? What do we measure?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Desire.

We all desire to be happy but is it just something we feel inside us.  A sense of either immediate pleasure or long-term contentment.

Or is it the correlation between objective conditions and subjective expectations.

It is quite obvious that money does indeed bring happiness, but only up to a point and beyond that point it has little significance.

Are people happier when living in democracies or dictatorships or living married or single?

Has the democratization process of the last decades contributed to the happiness of humankind or has it had an opposite effect with more divorce?

Questionnaires correlate happiness with various objective factors. But if it is inside who can it be measured ?

Illness decreases happiness.

Family and community have a great impact on happiness.    

The importance of human expectations has far-reaching implications for happiness.

Our intolerance of inconvenience and reliance on technology may well lead to discontent on a massive scale.

Through advertising and mass media we are depleting the reservoirs of global contentment by pasting our expectations on to the material conditions of others.

Face book is becoming the giant billboard of life with the smart phone the messenger of contentment and discontentment.

Supposing science did come up with cures for all diseases and an effective anti ageing therapies and regenerative treatments the immediate result will be an unprecedented epidemic of anger and anxiety.

Those that cannot afford the treatments which will be the vast majority will be beside themselves with rage.

So lets ask the question once more, – what is happiness?

Winning the lotto – No.

Because people are made happy by one thing and one thing only


There is no happy genetic line. Happiness is enjoyed for a momentary rush that does not last for ever. When you get what you desire you not any happier.

Happiness consists in seeing one’s life in its entirety as meaningful and worthwhile. Our values make all the difference.

If we have a why to live such as a belief of everlasting bliss in the life thereafter perhaps the trick is in synchoronising one’s personal delusions of meaning with the prevailing collective delusions of the capitalist world.  So we are in line with the narratives of the people around us you can convince yourself that your life has a meaning.

Quite a depressing conclusion. Does happiness really depend on self- delusion?

Perhaps its time for Capitalism to have some Liberalism with Socialism before we are all swallowing pills.

The relentless pursuit of happiness may be misguided.

With the current revolution of technology and the arrival of Artificial Intelligence we humans are going to discover that it is not so important that our expectations are fulfilled.

The Question will be do we understand the truth about ourselves before it too late.

What influences the happiness and suffering of individuals is within our grasp and we had better start grasping it.