You can’t be serious:

He’s sure to step up to the job, spit on his hands and fix everything. By announcing he’s licensing his name to another men’s fragrance.

Donald Trump for President of the USA.

Real estate mogul, one of the most ridiculed men in the United States.

Trump can finance his entire campaign if he so chooses, and therefore has to account to no one for his messaging or whatever damage it does.

Trump this if you can.

Last week, Donald Trump submitted his financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission. In it, he lists his various properties and other holdings and totals them up for a net worth of more than “TEN BILLION DOLLARS.”

Trump World Tower Trump:  Trump owns it.

Trump Towers Istanbul:  Trump does not own it, but he licenses his name out to it, as he does with many properties. In the past, he has said that this arrangement “could be interpreted to be a form of ownership in the building.” The final word on the issue is probably the legal disclaimer on his website.

Miss USA Pageant: Trump owns it, but NBC refused to air it after his comments on immigration.

Central Park Carousel New York: Trump owns Trump Carousel LLC, the company that operates the Central Park Carousel in New York City. According to the financial disclosure he made to the Federal Election Commission, he made $589,000 from this icon of innocence.

Wollman Rink in Central Park: Trump owns it. Well, kind of. Trump built it and operates it. You can read the story of its construction in Donald’s own words.

Donald J. Trump State Park:  Trump bought 436 acres of land 45 miles from Manhattan to build a private golf course, but nearby towns did not grant him approval, so he donated it to the state. Although New York closed the park in 2010, signs along the nearby highway still direct visitors there.

Trump Taj Mahal: Trump Taj Mahal is a property of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which Donald Trump no longer owns. He has sued to have his name removed from it.

A company that sells Trump-branded vodka and energy drinks in Israel: Trump owns it. Its name is a full sentence: Trump Drinks Israel LLC.

Trump mattresses:  Trump owns a mattress brand. But Serta, the exclusive distributor,recently terminated its business relationship with him.

He’s licensed his name to no less than 17 different kinds of products, from clothing and perfume to vodka and mattresses, as well as glassy high-rise towers as far afield as Istanbul and the Philippines. He is paid for the use of his name, but does not invest any of his own capital. Trump sometimes manages these projects, as he did in the case of Trump Soho, and always takes a licensing fee of $5 to $10 million. He pocketed more than $3.2 million in royalties for his clothing line, which is sold at Macy’s, between 2005 and 2007.

He does not believe in global warming, for example, because he did not experience in everyday life:

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.”

He is convinced that there is a link between vaccination and autism. It communicates whenever he can about the dangers of combination vaccines, although there is no scientific evidence to that effect.

“I’m not contra vaccinations for your children, I’m in one massive contra em dose. Spread them out over a period of time autism Will & drop!”

During his nomination speech of June 16, he said want to build a wall 3 000 km along the border with Mexico.”Mexico brings us drugs, crime and rape. “”Blacks who count my money! I hate the idea. The only people I want to see my money count are small men wearing yarmulkes every day engage in hyperbole, shade the truth and deliver outright misstatements.

Women’s British Open golf tournament is set to open at Trump Turnberry Resort, owned by Donald Trump; successful staging of the tournament would increase Turnberry’s chances of being awarded the men’s event sometime after 2018.

Long time enmity between Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch has led to Murdoch’s leveraging his media empire to tear down Trump.

What has Trump done with his life to merit running the US?

He is a master of self-aggrandizement, but his companies have declared bankruptcy 4 times, most recently 2009.  His only foray into politics was his blatantly racist, nativist attacks on President Obama.

His current wife, Melania Knauss, is a former model of Slovenian origin, who created a jewelry line to care, but spends most of his time waving at his side.  He married her without being totally sure she loved him really – which shows where their priorities are.


Hundreds of pages of sworn testimony by Donald J Trump in lawsuits in past decade stemming from soured real estate deals shows his tendency to top the true 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Does he own Hilary Clinton?  Not yet.

He vowed: “Nobody would be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump ”Politicians, “ later described as “stupid”, “do not lead us to the promised land” You might say who gives a crap?  Certainly not ISIS.

You could not vote for better as he is not running for president he is simply doing what he always does: Promote the Donald. Generate headlines. Get people talking. Regardless of how many planes or buildings he has, Trump has made one thing clear over the years, which accounts for a significant portion of his wealth: he knows how to stay in the spotlight.