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We think we know it all.

We all know there are Political Frauds, Military Frauds, Cover-ups & Conspiracies.

Other than mentioning some of them here I will leave it to you to look and make up your own minds.

John F. Kennedy, Aliens & UFOs, Pearl Harbor, CIA Drug Testing On Civilians, Catholic Church — 3 Secrets Of Fatima, James Earl Ray & Martin Luther King, Big Tobacco’s Big Denial, Jimmy Hoffa, The Philadelphia Experiment, Celebrity Deaths, Watergate, and Iraq War.

Then we have the others.

The below list unfortunately leaves out the greatest: Cons Scams Frauds (what ever you want to call them) of all.

The Sale of the Roman Empire (193 A.D.)

The Mississippi Scheme (1719)

The Diamond Necklace Hoax (1785)

The Wright Panic (1900)

The Original Ponzi Scheme (1920)

The Eiffel Tower Sale (1925)

The Match King Hoax (1929)

The Baker Estate Swindle (1936)

ZZZZ Best Cleaners (1986)

The Great Insider Trading Scam (1986)

The Savings & Loan Scandal (1989)

Tyco International (1996)

CEO Dennis Kozlowski (pictured)and CFO Mark Swartz soaked Tyco for more than $150 million in unearned bonuses and loans from 1996 until 2002.

Cendant (1997)

Shortly after the company was created by the merger of CUC International and HFS in 1997, a massive, decade long accounting fraud at CUC was uncovered.

Fannie Mae (1998)

Fannie Mae paid the SEC $400 million in 2006 to settle charges of misstating financial statements from 1998 through 2004.

Qwest Communications (2000)

Qwest’s stock traded as high as $64 in 2000 before plummeting in 2002 to less than $1 because of a multiyear accounting fraud.

Enron (2001)

The energy company’s bankruptcy in 2001 after allegations of massive accounting fraud wiped out $78 billion in stock market value.

World Com (2002)

The 2002 fraud-induced bankruptcy of the telecom company wiped out a firm that once had $103.9 billion in assets on its books.

Health South (2003)

In March of 2003, the SEC accused CEO Richard M. Scrushy of overstating earnings by at least $1.4 billion over four years.

Bernard Madoff (2008)

New York money manager Bernard Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme, the largest fraud ever by an individual.

Lehman Brothers (2008)

Investment bank Lehman, with $600 billion in assets, failed in late 2008. It was the largest bankruptcy in history and a spark to the worldwide financial crisis.

MF Global (2008)

The brokerage firm, led by former Goldman Sachs Chairman and former New Jersey Senator then Governor Jon Corzine, had $41 billion in assets.

The Great Wall Street Rip-Off (Ongoing)

Zhang Shuguang, a former railway-ministry official, admitted to having spent nearly half of $7.8m in bribes that he had collected trying to get himself elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Bell Labs.  Jan Hendrik Schön (born 1970 ) is a physicist German, who enjoyed a brief fame after a series of advanced scientific apparent that eventually turn out to be fraud.

HSBC. (2014) ongoing.  Helped customers to hide millions from taxman.

La Cour.  The VAT fraud costs 10 billion euros per year.

Sadly, it seems that corruption/fraud is to be found wherever there are human beings.


The Agricultural Revolution was history’s biggest Fraud.   

 A sweeping statement. Not on your nanny.

Now you might think it cannot get any worse.  Read and learn.


Manipulated us to its advantage, not the other way around. (Which by the way was a wild grass)

We became enslaved by its master plan.

With in a few short millennia it was growing all over the world.  World wise it covers 2.25 million square kilometers of the globe’s surface.

It demanded a lot of attention from Mankind. It did not like sharing its space with others so we spend every hour of our waking day weeding. It got sick so we spend billions on fighting its enemies worms and blight. It was attacked by locust and rabbits so we build fences and stood guard. It has an unquenchable thirst so we built irrigation canals and dams. It even has us collecting animal faeces to feed the ground it grew in. We did not domesticate wheat it domesticated us.

How did it convince us to exchange a rather good life for a miserable life of existence.?  What did it offer in return?.

Not a better diet. Hard to digest it is bad for our gums and teeth. It did not give economic security. When it was hit by a drought or a swarm of locusts we died by the thousands or fought each other because we could not move.

It did nothing for us as individuals but it allowed us as a species to grow exponentially.

It created armies.  It created Political Systems. Being the most successful plant in the history of the Earth it created Capitalism.


Which we are now beginning to see its true colors. One of the biggest Scams, Con jobs, or Fraud what ever label you like to attach en flicked on mankind.

It has allowed a few elitist to become wealth on the promise that some of the wealth might rub off on all of us.

It sure did.

It has turned us all into trading commodities in order to acquire more wealth for the greedy few.

It has produced Poverty, Inequality, Migration, Wars, Terrorist Groups, Corruption, Disease, Racism, Climate Change, treating the very existence of Our Common Planet. You name it and you can be sure that the free Global Greed Market it created will exploit it to create more short-term Profit.

It has and it is robbing all of our common resources to create profits for Corporations that now want Legal Rights to sue Nations. (See Previous post: The TTP and TTIP TRADING AGREEMENTS.)

It has promoted Massive theft of government (i.e., taxpayer) funds and property, which is going on and is tolerated decade after decade.

It has produced Sovereign Wealth Funds currently plundering the World.

Not forgetting the Stock Markets, where Capital greed has no bounds. 

And where are we to-day in the Technology Age (A product of Capitalism) that has little or no regulation using our vanity to pilfer all knowledge which will be sold back to us or others to make profit. Google, Facebook, Twitter. Amazon, Apple. The Cloud.

Google has already changed the world by altering the way we interact with technology.

As it enters its second decade as a public company, Google wants to repeat the trick.

Fuse man and machineDrive Your Cars. Bring the Internet to everyone, everywhere.  Solve Death.

How exactly does Google plan to pull this off?

Apart from announcing some high-profile hires, Google hasn’t shared much about its vision.  Last month Google announced a new medical company called Calico, whose explicit aim is to take on aging itself.

In the absence of any real information, many commentators have speculated that Calico will pursue a “big-data approach to health: gathering massive amounts of information from patients and ‘crunching it’ to help speed the way to health care discoveries. Some have suggested that Calico’s new CEO will take the view that the best way to tackle aging is to focus on preventing diseases.

All pretty bright for a plant don’t you think.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of wheat plants"


Corruption, Fraud, Scams, whatever you want to call it cannot be tackled in isolation, but only in the context of efforts to reduce world poverty.

If we are not vigilant we are all going to end up Slave of the Wheat of Technology. Call Data.