If you could go back in time say 150,000 years, your closest living relatives would be apes, with no imagination.

Returning to now.

It is our imagination that created the world we live in. The ability to create an imagined reality out of words enabled large numbers of strangers to cooperate effectively.

Without it we would all still be on all fours with no prospects, no desires, no communication, no history, no religion, no reality.


Because all myths, all stories, all technology, all capitalism or any other system, religion or organisation, would not have materialized without imagination.

All of it required imagination.

Our collective Imagination has being both our nemesis and friend since millennium. The immense diversity of imagined realities that we have invented are now our cultures, which are for ever-changing, turning into History.

It has put us on top of the food chain. It has created countries, google, human rights, limited companies, in fact our continuing existence and earth health depends on it.

The problem is imagination is driven by education and equal opportunity not just by DNA or Genes.

Coming climate could change all that. Ever event in history occurred against the background of some climate change.

Not a single thing in this world is eternal.  

It exist in your imagination. 

No one could have imagined the rapid changes we now see.

The big question is. Can we adapt our social behavior to the rapidly changing challenges.

Trade may seem a very pragmatic activity. There is no other animal other than ourselves that engage in trade. Trade cannot exist without trust and our trade is bases money, banks, all of which are figment of our imagination with little or no permanent value.

We are not exempt from biological laws and we are only held together by mythical glue.

It is this that has made us masters of creation.

To days affluent societies are in a plague of greed, which is rapidly spreading to the rest of the world. Our imaginations are being stunted by the internet of everything to the point of self-interest which is destroying the very reasons for having an imagination in the first place.

There is hardly an activity or emotion that is not mediated by a mind-blowing collection of objects or possibilities.

Our imaginations are being manipulated, commercialized, at the expense of generation to come.

Indeed if AI obtains imagination never mind intelligence we can kiss our species goodbye.  Why ? Because it does not take much imagination what the world would be like without humans.

No Pollution, No Wars, No Greed, No Jealousy, No God, No Mohammad  , No Corruption, No Murder, no Poverty, no Inequality.  Imagine that.        We should spend more time on the question.

What do we want to become?

Is it Humans that are sued by digital beings, subject to a superior consciousness yet to be invented. 

You and I will never leave this earth other than in our imaginations and this earth would be sterile if imagination did not exist.  Each of us explore only a tiny fraction of our horizon possibilities. 

There will never be a single natural way of life, because of imagination. 

The world does not revolve around humans.