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As the human race keeps on making steps in technology & science in a world of shallow values, instant gratification and quick fixes we can all congratulate ourselves for have made enormous steps since the invention of fire.

But our prospects are gloomy.

Are you like me not sick to death of all the rhetoric coming from our out of date, unfunded World Organisations to save the world.

We might be able to see further than ever before into galaxies that allows to us to discover habitable planets like the Gliese 581 but to date we are unable to see (as one) the need to address what is wrong with our world.

We also might  be connected to each other by star-dust but it seem more like sawdust.

And there is no denying that science has made huge steps, but society has not.

The changes that people around the world have said they want to see are extremely complex but the sooner we fix them, the sooner we move to the future we imagine.

If we can’t convince people that we need a safe planet with no one forced to live in poverty then we’re clearly not doing something right.

It is obvious the world will not be sustainable if we continue to have more than a billion people living in extreme poverty.

Where to begin is the big question.

For me. We must begin with either Reforming the United Nations or replacing it.

The question is this.

For effective change to take place, does one first change the organizational structure and systems and then adapt a strategy (and human strategy as well) to fit the new structure and system, or does one start with the strategy and mindset changes and then adapt the systems and structure to fit it?


There has to be a way of prioritising some issues politically, without leaving the unchosen issues neglected.

We all know that our problems revolve around governance, climate or sustainable consumption and production. By this I mean Improving Education World wide. Eliminating Racism. Resource Efficiency. Eliminating Hunger. Environmental awareness. Overcome Religion.

For change to work, leaders have to have open minds and hearts and be willing to understand that they don’t understand. We have to get away from believing that there is one way to either make change happen or even to describe the phenomenon that occurs during change within an organization.

The data revolution for public policy will be driven by those outside governments; with more data and more participation a more intense spotlight will be shone on the choices and behaviour of public and private sectors alike.

Everything depends, in the end, on the voters and their political leaders.

Willing voters and braver politicians will mean better policies. And better policies will enable mankind to make a big difference to the planet’s future at a surprisingly small cost. We need to open the doors to new exciting boundaries. We can change it.

The First step is Finance.

No Organisation that has to beg for funds is worth its weight in salt or gold.

It must be independent to have any clout.

It is time for Greed and Profit which is at the heart of Capitalism to contribute.

This can only be achieved by Placing a 0.05% Aid commission on all High Frequency Trading , on all Foreign Exchange Transactions ( Over $20,000) and on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions.   

Why do we need to change?

Everybody is in it together whether some countries are more responsible than others—is unreasonable.

Society is slowing our movement making it harder to our own existence.

Society is crucial to the well-being of all of us.

We should quit acting as if the “change process” is a unique and perhaps frequent stand alone event. In the current environment, change is not separate from leadership…IT IS LEADERSHIP.

We have become a complex environment and diverse perspectives will provide the framework for understanding what and how change will enable the new United Nations.

To Put simply we only have one planet and we are destroying it.

As Martin Luther King aid  “Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.”

Let’s not make the grave mistake of ignoring patterns that are screaming at us upfront and center. Man has been, since the beginning, defying the natural order of things… literally.

You could say that Poverty is a perception – it is a status which is bestowed on people who have relatively little – even in societies of plenty. That’s why we probably can’t really ever “end” poverty.

The above says it all.

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