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As far as I know I have written on this subject before.

Although Democracy may be a universal aspiration it is a culturally rooted practice.

Perhaps it time to recognize that its aspirations (especially presented by American Democracy which is for sale by lobbyists and donors) is not an expression of free speech and is causing extremism.

Here is short overview at where we at.

The Euro was introduced by technocrats in 1999 only two countries held referendums Sweden and Denmark both rejected it.

Italy and Greece have replaced democratically elected leaders with technocrats.

The European Parliament is both ignored and despised. It is a breeding ground for extreme parties such as Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, Golden Dawn in Greece ( A Nazi Party) U KIP in England, a Raciest party hiding behind the very word Democracy.  There are plenty of other examples.

Democracy is clearly suffering from serious structural problems which can be seen in its institutions that are meant to provide models for new democracies.

It has been infiltrated by big business money with voters becoming if not all ready disenfranchised.

Globalisation is and has changed national politics.

More and more power is surrendered to trade and financial flows resulting is Manifesto promises not been kept. Not surprising.

Single countries can not deal with Climate Change never mind micro powers within their boundaries which are disrupting traditional politics. (NGO’S , brake away’s such as Catalans, Scots, city mayors etc.)

The Internet is making it easier to organise and agitate while people are vetoing on reality TV. With a click of a mouse you can support a petition.

Elections are no longer the biggest challenge to Democracy the deficits are.

France and Italy have not balanced their budgets for more than thirty years.

England and America can only watch as their debt clock tick fast and faster fostering unsustainable. While Sovereign Wealth funds compete for limited resources world-wide.

In the mean time Western population are getting older and more expensive creating a future between inherited entitlements and future investment.

World wide membership of political parties is falling. (1% now compared to 20% in 1950 in England.) More than half of the votes in Europe have no trust in their Governments. 62% of English votes consider there politicians to be liars. A quarter of the votes in Italy recently voted for a party founded by a comedian. In Iceland they voted in the Best Party to run the Reykjavik’s city council a party that openly proclaimed itself to be corrupt.

Across the water President Obama can even pass a budget, paralysed by 9/11, rogue regimes and Jihadists he has no choice but to swallow the ISSI Pill and look on while Mr Putin calls the Worlds bluff.

Not good reading any of it.

So the questions is what can be done.  Here a few suggestions.

  1. Change the vote system to reflect the people and not Majoritarianism.
  2. Put limits on the power of Governments, by written constitutions that reflect the rights and protects individual rights.
  3. Stop Corruption by Lobbyists.
  4. Up date our world Organisations.
  5. Name all donors to Political parties.
  6. Stop handing or selling off resources to profit.
  7. Introduce Fiscal legal rules to balance the budget.
  8. Transparency.
  9. Introduce e Democracy to create direct democracy where the Government is obliged to consider any citizens initiative that attracts 50,000 signatures.
  10. Cap Greed ( See previous Posts)

Democracy has always been a powerful but it has always been imperfect due to human creativity and perversity. It will remain so till we remind our leaders that they only borrow power.

With the state of the world and where it is going we are already in need of bright ideas.