There is no answer to this question as Politics is a word with multiple meanings.

The definition of a “good” politician is therefore highly subjective.

It is therefore very difficult to know whether current cohorts of politicians are the best that society has to offer, and if not, who else might be a better prospect.

The dead giveaway of a political person is when they rarely share information.

Information is power and politics equals power.

” He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”― George Bernard Shaw.

So what makes a good Politician ? What makes a good candidate for electoral office?

Is it someone that nails his or hers colors to the mast.

Is it understanding what it takes to represent others.

Is it someone who acts for the greater good of the country,

Is it someone who defends the interests of the constituents who elected him.

Is it someone who has virtues of fair-mindedness, critical trust building, and good gate keeping.

Is it someone who finds peaceful resolutions to conflicts and enhancing the legitimacy of democratic institutions.

Is it someone that allows citizens a maximum of autonomy and self-governance.

Is it someone with Professional experience.

You could go on asking till the lights go out.

I suppose the only all round Politician is a biennial Dictator with the only remaining loaded gun. Flippant answer I know.

So we left with someone with excellent interpersonal skills, who is able to fight for a cause and influence others while also being able to listen to others and negotiate compromises with the powers of communication and persuasion.

Unfortunately these are traits rather than objectively measurable qualities.

Where does this leave us.?

If we focus on management of the economy as the central role of parliaments, rather than thinking about making effective policies across the full policy spectrum, we subscribe to the dominant masculinity model of politics and hence perpetuate the status quo.

Correct me if I am wrong that’s what we got. Career politicians who are disconnected from reality and from their constituents.

These politicians are only concerned with securing their seats in Parliament and gaining power. They aren’t willing to take a stand on certain issues for fear it’ll cost them votes in the next election. Career politicians lose interest in the people who got them into in the first place. They lose sight of the fact that many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggling to make ends meet because of failed policies their very representatives failed to stop. Yet, they end up re-elected because they know that the people are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and must simply resort to voting for the lesser of two evils.

So what we get is a endless war where the weapon of choice is words before breaking promises.

How do we change this?

Rather than elite politics we should open the opportunity to be elected to people from all walks of life by allocating a realistic salary sufficient to the elected individual from our taxes.

Career politicians who run retail politics which is about who you know should be made to stand down for at least two years between terms.  Make them return to the real world, before standing for re-election.

Then you might get a Parliament that represents the people and the country and not the Economy.

The public, simply want someone who can recognize, understand and defend their views.

Everyone benefits when those who represent us are the best
possible people for the job. How are they? Your guess is as good as mine.