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Two months before Christmas and we are already being bombarded with buy this buy that.

There are no boundaries within the market. There is however a growing need to introduce a new strain of humanity into Christmas.

Many of our present day problems are being caused directly or indirectly by technology. Take for instance the Impact of mass media on public opinion and individuals which no longer has to be demonstrated.

It is exposed us to select tit bits of information that are considered to be newsworthy every awaking minute of our lives. Television rarely takes the time to get to the heart of any matter creating a public feeling that we live in a world of problems so enormous that any individual action would be in vain.

As a result I am sure that part of the Public like images of war, death, underdevelopment, and children dying of hunger. 

However we would all do well to remember that the mass media (like Facebook, Twitter) all works on the principal of making profit selling information that attracts advertising.  It should not be the dominant influence, in shaping our lives and society. We need to adapt our aspirations and lifestyles to an ever more sophisticated and pervasive technology which has permitted the enjoyment of what has been seen as material progress.   

We have to decide if ” I am what I own” or ” I am what I do”

The more fundamental aspects of life have shrunk, including those of religion, ethnic identity, inherited values and beliefs, leading to hyper-individuality, selfishness of all types, over-consumption, and excessive search for distraction are all pushed into our conscious.

We need to re-establish genuine values. Moral values are eroded and flagrantly ignored by those who profess them.

Values need to be reinvented as old values can not handle such things as Genetic engineering for example.

A human Society cannot exist unless we are living together with the acceptance of differences and pluralism. We aspire to a shared well-being but it must be adapted to the present situation.

We need new International ethics to handle Climate Change and Conservation.  The gap between rich and poor, money because it divorced from economic realities and dominates the ambitions of too many individuals, the ethics of images, the ethics of solidarity, the ethics of action.

We must stop the manipulation of the public by the elite before they are frightened into a chilly self-withdrawal and don,t vote at all. There has to be a collective awareness of the greater problems facing the world , old and new.

We need a new sense of positive freedom not negative freedom.

Democracy and Capitalism is not working as the ordinary citizen has virtually no influence over their Governments. Money rules the roost with a lack of mass representation.

This has to change to enable the ordinary mans voice to be  heard.

“You know that man must desperately justify himself as an object of primary value in the Universe” Ernest Becker – The Denial of Death.

So this Christmas be a hero.

Society is only a symbolic action system and Christmas as we all know has been hijack by Consumerism and promoted by the Mass media.

If you want to renew the Spirit of Christmas it’s not receiving but giving that will give you a glow.

Instead of satisfying your own needs here are a few suggestions.

Open an Abundance Swap shop in you district, town,village, street.

Place a box beside your refuge recycling bin marked – Rubber washing gloves to battle Ebola. 

When you go to the Supermarket/Hypo market/ bring a Christmas rapped present. Place it in a trolley, or give it to the Checkout Assistant.

Visit an Retirement home or hospital with a box of unwanted books/DVDs.

Give a food voucher when you pass an unfortunate on the street.

Make a family donation to a hands on Charity.

Send ISIS a Christmas card. It might strict a cord and save a life.

Send a Christmas card to the United Nations requesting them to reform by removing the veto and allocating it to all nations.

Send a Christmas card your President or Prime Minister requesting sustainable policies not vote grabbing promises.

Bring your children to an Art Gallery or Museum

Make your own cards from recycled paper.

An another idea, try www.oxfamunwrapped.com




Please feel free to add your suggestions. All comments welcome.