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This might be too ambitious a subject to tackle but it is certainly a subject that you can let the imagination go wild.

So to read this post you will have to have dispassionate intelligence.

When you ask for opinions about what future humans might look like, you typically get one of two answers.

Some people trot out the old science-fiction vision of a big-brained human with a high forehead and higher intellect. Others say humans are no longer evolving physically—that technology has put an end to the brutal logic of natural selection and that evolution is now purely cultural.

However if you look at present day DNA techniques, which probe genomes both present and past, they have unleashed a revolution in studying evolution.

Since man fell out of a tree and stood up with 99% OF CHIMPANZEE DNA we continue to show genetically induced changes to our physiology and perhaps to our behavior as well.

Until fairly recently in our history, human races in various parts of the world were becoming more rather than less distinct.

The difficulties of the present-day point to a one-lopsidedness in our culture that harms both men and women.

Which of course we being the first man have not quite got the nervous system that is capable of seen so.

Perhaps it is the very reason we have a race of lassitude which will be the one cause of its decay. The conflict between the intransigent loyalty to life and the embattled against death proves this point.

Humans have survived for thousands of years and will most like survive thousands of more but it is becoming hard to remember life before digital news. The two world wars and current conflicts display so tragically the incompetence of us the first man to control our own nature.

We find ourselves swimming in an electronic sea where we could eventually be devoured—or ignored as an unnecessary anachronism.

”Although the last survivor may proclaim himself universal Emperor, his reign will be brief and his subjects will all be corpses.”

Civilization as we know it could probably survive one more world war, provided it occurs fairly soon and does not last long. After which no individual will think, or even feel, for himself, but each will be contentedly a mere unit in the mass.

I am dealing mainly with the gloomy aspects of the present situation of mankind. It is necessary to do so, in order to persuade the world to adopt measures running counter to traditional habits of thought and ingrained prejudices.

If the danger of wars were removed, scientific technique could at last be used to promote human happiness. If wars no longer occupied men’s thoughts and energies, we could, within a generation, put an end to all serious poverty throughout the world.

Unless we can cope with the problem of abolishing war, there is no reason whatever to rejoice in labor saving technique, but quite the reverse.

Owing to the modern impossibility of successful rebellion this is only possible through the creation of a single armed force in control of the whole world that wars will stop.

If you look back across the aeons to the first man you can see that his faith is already woven through spiritual desolation into senility and mutual intolerance.

On the other hand he lived at one with nature and woman.

Future Last man will have to live with eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind all computerized. Even the mind will tie in organically with “know-it-all computer memory banks.  Every one of the six organs will have disposable modules, likes cassettes, and will gain an electric boost. He will also have to have a lot of the opposite sex within him.

How many people would have believed you if five hundred years ago you had said, “In five hundred years, there will be airplanes, television, and radios?” Everyone would have considered you insane.

By the time human genes are grafted onto animal bodies and alter human genes with animals strains, this mutual genetic modification will produces a freakish, mutant, hybrid that resembles neither parent.

So will this be the Last human? It’s not really human. You say it’s an animal? It’s not exactly an animal either.

Lets hear your thoughts.