Some time ago I Posted ” The Scramble has begun- is Sustainability still possible” 08/05/2014

Recently I read a poem by Cicely Herbert.

” Everything changes. We plant

trees for those born later

but what’s happened has happened,

and poisons poured into the seas

cannot be drained out again.

What’s happened has happened

Poisons pour into the seas

cannot be drained out again, but

everything changes. We plant trees

for those born later. “

There is no getting away from it one voice can not have much effect other than planting a tree that might grow into a forest of global voice that will have to be listened to.

You will see from my previous blogs that I believe there is only one solution to resolve our global problems and that is the Capping of Greed at it source so it contribute to a World Aid fund with a perpetual funding at its heart.  (See previous postings)

For what its worth here is another look at the question of Sustainability.

European citizens, the vast majority take the view that the current consumer society can “upgrade” to the future.

Meanwhile, much of the planet’s inhabitants hope to get closer to our levels of material well-being.

However, the level of production and consumption has been achieved at the cost of depleting natural resources and energy, and break the ecological balance of the Earth.

None of this is new.

The researchers and the most brilliant scientists have giving warning signs since the early seventies of the twentieth century, that continuing with current growth trends (economic, demographic, use of resources, generation of pollutants and increased inequalities) the most likely outcome for the XXI century is a civilization collapse. If you open your eyes you can see it taking place all around you.

The decline in the availability of cheap energy, catastrophic climate change scenarios and geopolitical tensions over resources show that the progress of the past trends are breaking.

Faced with this challenges there are not enough cosmetics mantras for sustainable development, or the mere commitment to Eco-efficient technologies, or a supposed “green economy” that conceals the widespread com-modification of natural resources and ecosystem services.

Technological solutions to both the environmental crisis and the energy descent, are insufficient to stop it progress.

The ecological crisis is not a partial topic but determines all aspects of society: power, transport, industry, urbanization, war … It is ultimately the basis of our economy and our lives.

We are caught in the perverse dynamics of a civilization that does not grow if it does not work, and if it grows destroys the natural bases that make it possible.

Our culture, as they say in Spanish mercadólatra tecnólatra, another words forget us, our roots, and our dependent and interdependent ecosystems.

The productiveness and consumerist society can not be sustained by the planet.

We need to build a new civilization capable of ensuring a decent life for a huge, still growing human population (now over 7,200 million), which inhabits a world of dwindling resources.

This will be necessitate radical changes in lifestyles, forms of production, the design of cities and territorial organization and especially the values ​​that guide all of the above.

We need a society that aims to restore balance to the biosphere, and use research, technology, culture, economics and politics to advance toward that end.

We need to do all the political imagination, moral generosity and technical creativity to avoid deploy the inertia of the capitalist way of life and interests of privileged groups.

To avoid chaos and the barbarism to where we are today heading, we need a major political break with the hegemonic force, and an economy that is intended to satisfy social needs within the limits imposed by the biosphere, not the increase in profit private.

All this is easier said than done, but I am sure like me you don’t want  the below.