I am sure you have noticed that the above question is making the rounds.

What a load of cod’s wallop is being spouted and printed on the subject.

Firstly its the wrong question as the bullets are still flying.

Till they stop there is no answer, and we all know that history is written by the victors.

This War started long before the USA/British invasion.

It was claimed by the powers to be that the current war would be a cheap, perhaps even profitable war, thanks to lower oil prices.

The costs are, alas, all too evident.

Nearly 5,000 dead Americans, another 20,000 or more permanently disabled, not to mention the hundred of thousands Iraqis dead.

In the end as it stands the financial costs, including the cost to service the debt, will likely total nearly $4 trillion.

Estimates of the number of Iraqis killed in the sectarian bloodletting that occurred after the collapse of Saddam’s regime exceed 130,000.

By going to war in Iraq, we set the stage for the emergence for an entirely new branch of al-Qaida—al-Qaida in Iraq.

The group that emerged in direct response to the occupation is resurgent, not just inside Iraq but as a regional movement, rebuilding its networks in Syria, Jordan, and Libya.

The Iraqi Christian community has been decimated.

The imperfect and fragile government that has emerged in Iraq can hardly be worth the costs incurred.

If the country has salvaged anything constructive from this war, it seems to be a greater appreciation for war’s unpredictability and the limits of American power which remains an open question.

Large portions of Iraq have fallen to the murderous Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

Iraq is also, right now, the only authentic democracy in the Arab world — is quite true.

The question now is does it matter whether Iraq stands on its own or collapses into a sea of blood and hate.  Most people want to be masters of their own fate.

The benefits of this are now fuzzy and fragile.

Just look at Syria with Six and half million displaced, with three million refugees.

Goodwill towards America squandered throughout the world.

A U.S. administration forever tarred by an unpopular war.

The burden of proof has shifted toward those making the case for war, in Iran, or Syria, or Yemen, or countless other places.

What will remain is that the moment in history when a people who had been subjugated by a tyrant’s whims were no longer afraid of him.

So what is going on.

Russia a nuclear power sitting on the UN Security Council vetoes all resolutions while making hay where the sun does not shine in the Ukraine.

France sell war ships to Russia, Britain and  USA army the Kurds, while ISIS cuts off the Golden heights threatening the fresh water taps to Palestine.

War has many components of which battle is only one element.

It’s all grim reading for the future: Power seems to reside in the barrel of the gun.

Watch out Israel. Make peace before its to late as this is going to be a war of generations. 

But here are some hard facts from Saddam Hussein coming of power up to what we have to-day.

1979 – Saddam Hussein succeeds Al-Bakr as president.

1980-1988- Iran-Iraq war.

1988- Iraq attacks Kurdish town of Halabjah with poison gas.

1981- Israel attacks nuclear research center near Baghdad.

1990- Iraq invades Kuwait, massive US – led military campaign forces Iraq to withdraw February 1991- The Gulf War.

1991- Iraq subject to weapons inspection program.

1991- Kurdish uprising brutal suppressed. UN safe-haven established in northern Iraq to protect Kurds.

1992 – No- fly zones for Iraqi planes.

1993 – US launch missile attack on Iraqi Headquarters.

1995. UNSC Resolution 986 allows the partial resumption of Iraq’s oil export to buyfood and medicine.

1995  Saddam Hussein wins rig elections.

1998- Iraq ends cooperation with UN Special Commission to oversee Destruction of Mass Destruction weapons.

1998- US launches Operation Desert Fox to destroy Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction which according to the UN don’t exist.

1999- Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq al Sadr spiritual leader of the Shia community is assassinated.

1999 More UN Resolutions that Iraq ignores.

2001 US -Britain carry out more bombing with out International support.

2002-  George W Bush and Tony Blair hood wink the UN with false information and dodgy dossier on Iraq military capability.

2003- Chief inspector Hans Blix requests more time to do the Job.

2003- The UK and USA give Saddam Hussein 48 hours to leave Iraq or face war.

2003- Saddam’s sons Uday and Qusay killed. Car bomb kills The Shia Leader.

2003-  Saddam Hussein captured.

2004- Shia militas loyal to radical cleric Moqtada Sadr take on colition forces.

2004 –  US hands Sovereigty to intrim goverment headed by Prime Minister Iyad Allaw.

2005 – 2006 –  On average 100 civilians killed per day.

2006. Saddam Hussein executed.

2007. Mr Bush launches surge

From this date till the Americans go home seven years after the invasion its one monstrosity after an other with Chemical Ali Hassan al Majid being executed in Jan 2010. The last US combat brigade leaves Iraq Dec 2011.

The Iraq Government is in melt down. Iraq cancelled arms deal with Russia $4.2bn. This would have made Russia the second biggest arms supplier after the USA.

The killings go on and on. All are fair game.

By August 2011 there are more than 40 apparently co-ordinated nationwide attacks a day.

2012 – 2013 the level of violence matches those of 2008.

2014- Sunni rebels led by the Islamic State Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) surge out of Anbar Province with captured American arms to seize Iraq’s second largest city Mosul.

2014 – up to date  ISIS renames itself the Islamic State, declares Islamic caliphate covering Syria, and Iraq.

US recommences Bombing on humanitarian grounds.

Iraq propped up government and its American trained army dissolves.