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If you are reading this I firstly want you to know that I could not care whether you are young or old, a practicing Sunnis or Shias, a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim from what ever Sect, my only concern is that you have an open mind.

I don’t propose to know much about the roots of pure forms of any religion especially Islam.

However the history of all religions that are based on books, (the texts of which are open to widely varying interpretations, process which often involves outbidding them in a contest for greater “authenticity” ) has led to conflicts and suppression of all other beliefs.

Why do I say this?

Because I am from a country that to this day after seven hundred years of struggle against an occupier and civil war, is still effected by interpretations, bigotry, suffering, and death, that has nothing to do with Muslim who you could count on one hand.

So in this post I am not going to lecture on past history, but suggest solutions to present day conflicts.

My purpose here is to highlight some of the reasons we find ourselves in such a mess with the Arab world.

We all have a right to our own opinions so please feel free to comment.

Religious extremism is a conduit for misery, not its fundamental cause.

The trouble with religious extremism or dictators is when it comes to politics both do not allow the give-and-take of parliamentary discourse. Nor do they protect minorities, allow a free press, create independent courts, universities, trade unions, and support woman emancipation.

Why Arab countries have so miserably failed their 350 million people is down to sharing of wealth.

Economic stagnation bred dissatisfaction, and unemployment, and electronic media allowed the young to see outside stirring up a revolution in attitudes that now cannot be un-invented.

We cannot now simply stamp out the Jihadist cause or impose prosperity and democracy.

We must appeal to the majority to make their voices heard to allow pluralism, education for all, and open markets to be re established, rather than being trapped either in stagnant repression or cycles of strife, that are interlinking.

No conflict since the Second World War has caused such widespread damage to the worlds cultural heritage, not to mention 300,000 dead.

The plantation of a Jewish state in Palestine drove a physical wedge between Arab countries and provided an excuse for the military dominance by Israel destabilizing the whole region.

There is no solution to this wedge other than one state for all.

However three-quarters of the world has suffered colonial rule and it should not now tolerate ISIS.

If necessary the free world( it will not be able to stand by like it did in Rwanda, or hide behind UN resolutions) must come to the aid of its fellow Arab Muslim citizens to stop any form of ethnic cleansing or Extermination.

In doing so we will uphold the sanctity of life, and the values of freedom, not democracy at the point of a gun.

It takes openness for societies to progress, to have closed minds and politics together is a recipe of disaster. War has many components, of which the battle is only one element.

Jihadists that declare an eventual global caliphate that knows no borders which is led by a former student theology and warlord that has given himself the title the successor to the PROPHET MUHAMMAD UNDERLINES THE SORROWFUL CONDITION INTO WHICH ARAB POLITICS HAS SUNK.

ALL I CAN SAY IS INSHALLAH TO US ALL.   History rarely sleep securely.