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Now before I start getting hate mail let me state I know little or nothing about Evil other than the greatest evils in the world are those inflicted by man upon man. 

For me the wrong that we do, though, the suffering that we cause, great though it may be, is a price worth paying for something that is profoundly valuable: genuine freedom.

I believe that much of the evil that we see around us is a consequence of the abuse of this freedom.

It is therefore impossible for us to know, with any degree of certainty, whether any given instance of suffering is unjustified, or whether it serves some greater purpose.

Each of us has tragedies in our lives, and it seems to us as though the world would have been a better place without those instances of suffering.

The problem of evil is that the existence of evil is a necessary condition for the existence of certain kinds of good.

Compassion, for instance, is of great value, but can only exist if there is suffering.

Bravery, too, is a virtue, but only if we sometimes face danger.

Self-sacrifice is another great good, but can only exist if there is inter-dependence.

The problem of evil, then, must be recast as the problem of unjustified evil.

It is only the existence of unjustified evil, evil that serves no greater purpose, that presents a problem. 

Today it is the nature of this change in evil that has become harder to ignore as circumstances turn more critical.

Everyone has a conscience even if he or she does not follow a sense of morality which comes from a source outside of individuals. Once acquired the belief systems function as a basis for the acquisition of additional beliefs.

When the nature of the Evil and its creation are properly understood the conflict between evil and good dissolves.

Morality itself cannot easily be proved to exist / morality is socially defined rules / laws/ developed to control people / morality is part of evolution / survival depends on cooperation with others

It is not possible to make a world without evil, for its creation depended on the free will. 

So it seems at the moment that if there is a God he did not choose the best in creating this world.

We all know that there are many forms of evil, and I have no intention of addressing them all here. These few written words on the subject only add to the billions written down through the centuries.

However if we as the current caretakers of earth want to address one of the main underlining causes of evil we must tackle Inequality.

The distribution of wealth, health, and education all the seed beds of Evil.

There is no point in being abhorred by what you are allowed to see on the media, or living your life in denial in the Cyber world.  As long as there is massive Inequality we will have acts of evil.

It does not have to be like this. We the people must table a motion in the United nations to pass a resolution of behalf of earth to place a 0.05% Aid commission on all High Frequency Trading, on all Sovereignty Wealth Funds Acquisitions and on all Foreign  Exchange transactions over$2,000.  ( See previous posts)