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We have moved from basically a relative empty world to a relative world full of our stuff, full of man-made capital.

Our inability to grasp the new world is creating a vast vapidity and we are going to pay the price sooner than later.

With millions of people going to bed without food the age of decadence is coming to an end to be replaced hopefully by an age where money and wealth has to be shared.

The trickle down system does not work. Why! because by the time the money reaches the poor it is worth nothing.

Our so-called Capitalism of to-day that operates under a neoclassical school of economics rains supreme at the moment. Why! because it is backed by a legal system that legalizes it. However it will eventually fail because Greed is systemic within its core.

This is blatantly evident when we look at our Governments who are beholding onto corporate interests that will never serve the people. It is also evident went we look at our Banking systems, which create money from nothing and then lends it at interest. ( 97% of money is debt.) Debt is a form of slavery.

There can be also little argument that our Governments with the help of Milton Freeman, Ronald Regan, and hand bagging bashing Maggie Thatcher are now just clearing houses for the rich lobbyists that are concerns with the rich.

All three of them helped to created an Economic system that is based on what is not reality.

A dog eat dog society. Where Socially failure consumerism is now only to look good in other people eyes.

Where contrived wars on terror are promoting democracy at the point of a gun to be fought out in foreign countries and then presented to us by corporate owned media so that don’t have to experience the resulting destruction and death on our own door steps.

We have to change such veracious structure that has produced Institutions such as Goldman Sachs ( The biggest Bank robbers that pulled off the biggest hoist in the modern world: The big short with total impunity)

The more we grow the more poverty we create.

Our out dated competitive mentality will have devastating consequences.  We must move from globalization back to localization. It is our relations with other people is what make us really happy re humanism our lives. As Tyler Durden said ” The thinks that you own end up owing you.”

Making your own life does not work you must have attachment out side yourself.  

Internet enlightenment will play a big role in the future. The large cesspool of porn which debases us all on the internet will have to be removed. It is no wonder that Muslim fraternity consider the west full of unclean gentiles.

Passing the buck has to stop.

To improve things what we are being taught in university we will have to learn how to oppose in a constructive way, not on twitter or face book, or social media but by a collective world voice, that will have to be listen too.

Before the exhaustion of the world resources we would do well to return to Adam Smith economics to avoid morality socialism for the rich which is reflected by Scramble now the blood policy of Sovereign Wealth Funds.

The tax system is duking the world. We need a new form of capitalism where employer owned companies.

We must rise up and change the market.

What is created by human can be changed. Human beings go mad in crows and come to their senses as individuals.

Every drone kill produces five hundred so-called terrorists.

The monetary system to the world will have to be reformed.

Aid never goes to the people it goes to constructions companies and consultants on infrastructure, not the people.

So lets start by introducing a World Aid Commission of 0.05% on all Foreign Exchange Transactions ( Over $20,000) on all High frequency stock exchange transactions and on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions. Such a Commission would produce a perpetual fund of trillions to redistribute wealth around the world where needed. ( See previous postings)