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The kings of capitalism think their privileged positions essentially as a natural right while our Economy, our Democracy and our societies are paying for gross inequities.

The deprivations of one generation are being visited upon the next.

Economic inequality translates into political inequality and political inequality leads to increasing economic inequality and wars. People have been shooting at each other since the 13th century.

The true test of an economy is not how much wealth its princes can accumulate in tax havens, but how well off the typical citizen is.

Is not the above the picture what we should have in Western Economies these days. A fair distribution of wealth befitted to all irrelevant to their circumstances or class.

Instead we have subsidies to rich farmers as our governments cut back on nutritional support for the needy.  Or, Drug companies get billions as health care is limited. Or, Banks that brought on the global financial crisis got billions while we lost out homes due to their predatory lending practices. Then of course we have Quantitative easing that is supposed to trickle down to us punter only to evaporate on the balance sheets of the banks.

So it no wonder that our divisions are deep.

We have soaring University fees and declining incomes resulting in larger debt burdens for the young and old along with Mass incarceration and Justice only affordable to a few. All served up by those suffering from dead behind the eyes disease.

All this is happening while High frequency trading, sovereign wealth funds and foreign exchange transactions continue to rip us all off.

What should we do?


If you don’t believe me just look at the trend that has developed over the past third century leading to violent extremes of wealth and income which has produced Slums Mortgages and the Shining city on the hill.

One third of the urban population of developing countries now live in SLUMS.


They that is Slums are the true testimonial to Inequality.

An impediment to advancement, A curse to Hygiene, a source of ill-health, rent havens for landlords, Cheap labor source, exploitation and crime depots, propagators of diseases, and poverty, recruiting camps for terrorists, Capitalistic warts, photos for tourists and coffee table books.

The dynamics of the imperial capitalism of the 19th century needn’t apply in the democracies of the 21st century.

Corporations interest argued for getting rid of regulations, even when those regulations did so much to protect and improve our environments, our health our safety our economy itself.

Long live Mrs Thatcher and her buddy Ronald  Reagan, the free market.

Also Bin Laden, Bush and Blair with the Axis of Evil. Their combined ideology was hypocritical because they all ensured that the rules of the game to keep wealth at the top of the political agenda through politics.

What have we ended up with?

Growth has gone to the very, very top while quarter of all American children under five live in poverty, with mass incarceration beginning to define America – a country with about 5% OF THE WORLDS POPULATION, but around a fourth of the world’s prisoners.

The time has come to end special privileges of speculators, corporations and the rich. The Politics of Greed must change. Just because you have heard it all before it does not mean it cannot be done. We all created the god dame problem and turned a blind eye to it creating Climate change. We all must now mend it before its to late.

Perfect competition should drive profit to zero.

We are not in a position to eradicated Slums and their living blemish on all of us, but we can come together to demand a World Aid Commission of 0.05% be placed on all High frequency trading, sovereign wealth funds and Foreign Exchange Transactions over $20,000.(see previous posts)

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The billions created by such a Commission would go a long way to re-balancing the Have’s and Have not’s.