Some months ago I posted a blog under the Title.

” Has Tony got what it takes to be talking about Poverty ” (01/02/2014)

Well in case you missed it don’t worry. Mr Tony Blair never really went away.

He is back with a vengeance.  The peace envoy that advocated War at the drop of a hat and then genuflect for forgiveness for becoming a recruiting officer for AL-Qaeda.

Now he wants his buddies in the USA to Bomb the very group he has help to establish ISIS who are according to him are marching across Europe to invade England..

Is he Mad or Bad?

How does he sleeps at night without screaming is beyond me.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, millions of refugees, not mention the billions, the torture, the resulting grieving widows and orphan children and spreading of the conflict. All over a lie that is now plunging Iraqi into a sectarian civil war.

I stopped breathless when he is put forward as the President of the European Commission. Hired hypocrisy.

He is a deluded war criminal that was arrested by a waiter who does not want forgiveness.   He will never get it with out enlightenment to humble himself before self destruction swings dizzily across his mental vision.

In the mean time he continues to sign books and charge enormous fee for talks and recently in case you also miss it he has become an adviser for the Government of Vietnam.

God bless the man.