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In the last few days you might have seen that some big nobs of Capitalism meet in London to discuss what is going wrong.

They conclude that Capitalism must be more inclusive.

What a OXYMORON.  You would have to be a half wit to think Capitalism is anything but the exploitation of Man by Man.  With Militarism as one of its main bulwarks.  It is in many ways extremely objectionable

As Oliver Goldsmith said ” Where wealth and freedom reign, contentment fails and honour sinks, where commerce long prevails.”or  Mark Twain ” Tain’t yours and t’ain’t mine.”

There is only one way to make Capitalism more inclusive and that is to put a 0.05% COMMISSION ON ALL STOCK EXCHANGE TRANSACTIONS WORLD WIDE. ( See previous blog: Just look what could be achieved if we re-focus greed to make a contribution to the World)

As if we all need more proof you will have noticed that the recent European Elections ( even with large bail out) has given rise to Fascismo raising its ugly head within the very organisation that was formed to avoid a recurrence of  the very thing that World War Two was fought over.

We all know the saying:  That it is not possible to please all of the people all of the time.  But there is a way of helping all the people all of the time>  By tapping into Greed.

If you agreed sign up my petition on Change Org. To Place an Aid Commission of 0.05% on all transactions over $20,000 in the world capital markets.

If we want the thinks we value in the World Greed must contribute to the redistribution of wealth. It will have little or no effect on the rich, but it will create a perpetual fund with sufficient funds to address the present day world problem.

As always if you have any comments or wish to contribute they will be much appreciated.