It is incomprehensible that we are unable to comprehend that we all need clear air, clean water, food, and energy, all of which are inextricably linked in order to live.

Ok so we live in a world of high complex interdependence,  (full of finger sweepers, facebookers, tweeters, bloggers, googlers, down-loaders, uploaders, smartphone swappers, with 24 hours news on tap all thanks to the micro chip) without any responsibility to what we are doing to our Planet.

It seems that we are all so distracted with our own self interests we are unable to take in what Climate Change has in store by way of repayment for that very self Interest.

This will not be a work of fiction but a pivotal moment that is going to cause the biggest migration of human race world-wide.

“We no longer have the option to wait and see,”

I am dismayed that discussions of climate change have become so polarizing that they have receded from the arena of informed public discourse and debate.

You would think that anyone with an ounce of brain matter would have it on the top of all governments agenda.

The migration that is waiting to happen will put Poverty, Inequality, and current conflicts, disasters and the like into total insignificance.

What are we doing?

Sweet fanny Adam. It’s a distant problem too far away to have any effect. It’s an opportunity to make money.

Our one and only earth is surrounded by man-made pollution with no say but to release an Evolutionary force to which even we cannot adapt.  Lets call it Crowdsourcing.

In the current muddled political climate no proposal for any significant plan will ever get traction.

Why because we  have swallowed a political perspective on wealth that should appall us all.

With all the political ideologies to date we are unable to act as one and this won’t change till we capture GREED.