These funds are unwinding the Global balance and it is indeed time that we all cotton on.  If we don’t want our unborn to be born into a world that is sold to Privatisation. Modern day Slavery on a global scale 

Operating through Hedge Funds, Derivatives, Leverage buyout firms, real estate purchase, Speculators in the commodity futures market, Foreign currency, and god only knows in what else.

These Funds are impairing the spread of democracy as they are creating “Rentier States” where governments will not need their citizens to raise revenue.

They are offer protection to Authoritarian Regimes from the vicissitudes of the free market.

They will end up as weapons. Financial muscle in global power struggles.

They will change the equation of World cooperation, on trade , climate change and will eventually cause what I call a “Financial balance of terror or a Nuclear Financial threat.

If you don’t believe me.

Here a few items that a few SWFS own in Britain.

A consortium of Canadian SWFs currently own the Railway Link between London and the Channel Tunnel.

Blue Water Shopping Center owned by Singapore SWFs.

Kelda Group ( water and wast management) owned by Singapore SWFs.

Qatar SWFs owns:

20% of the London stock exchange.

20% of Camden Market.

6.67% of Barclay’s Bank

26% of Sainsburys.

The Olympic Village Buildings.

The Shard.

Chelsea Barracks and NI Hyde Park flats.


Swathes of Canary Wharf.

95% of all liquefied Gas supplied to Britain.

Heathrow Airport 10% China Investment Corp SWFSs

The recent Royal Mail sale.

On the list of priority investors were hedge funds and overseas sovereign wealth funds.  Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Black Rock, Capital Research, Fidelity Worldwide, GIC, Henderson, JPMorgan, Kuwait Investment Office, Lansdowne Partners, Och Ziff, Schroders, Soros, Standard Life, Third Point and Threadneedle.

The proposed HS2 which is estimated to cost 800 million will be financed by SWFs.

There are now more people in the world than the world’s total population in 1950 living on less than a $1-$5 a day. 24 countries own 64% of the world wealth with only 15% of the world’s population.

If nothing is done to curb their growing power we can all be classified as FOOLS

Have a look at my Flipboard  Magazine ” Silent witness to Sovereign Wealth Funds.