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Our very own human failings; Greed- Envy – Lust ensure that poverty will never be eradicated to the end of time.

I don’t know about you but every time I see a fellow human begging, sleeping in the street or a TV appeal for funds that uses an image of a skeleton child my own life happiness is marred.

You will see from previous blog that Privatization of everything is happening right in front of our eyes.

Wealth inequality in the world is well on the way. Our present day technology will probably lead to an unattainable disparity between the have and the have-nots.

If we don’t wake up to this fact Google will be charging for knowledge, we will be paying for fresh air and water, and our vote will be completely worthless.

You might say there is no foreseeable way of stopping the direction we are going in. This seems to be the view held by most countries, world organisation, promoting growth at all costs in our economies in the disillusioned hope that it will drag us all to happier days.

It is my view or I should say my firm belief that it is the first responsibility of a Nation to protect it most vulnerable citizens. THE WEALTH OF A NATION IS MEASURED BY ITS COMPASSION NOT THE GROWTH OF ITS GDP.

There is no place in this world for abject poverty, or exploration for the sake of Profit.

As I have said there will always be some form of Poverty no matter how much money we donate.  so once again I put it to you that only a self sustainable approach will have any hope of closing the gap.

The question is how do you create a system within a monopoly called Capitalism or for that matter within any political ethos.

Impossible:  Because all are run by human beings.

Even if we were to invent AI Robots and run all decisions making through a computer armed with all world history in every field of human endeavor, they or it would be contaminated by our human failings.

So the only solution is to use these failings . Greed – Envy – Lust – by tapping into what lies at their heart  Profit for Profit sake.

It’s not possible to cap Profit, but it is possible to apply a commission of 0.001%

ON ALL STOCK EXCHANGES TRANSACTIONS IN THE WORLD creating a self sustainable system with sufficient funding to eradicate abject poverty and bridge the ever-increasing inequality that is replacing the very definition of poverty.

Nothing that suffers can pass without merit in the sight of what ever God you choose.

Stock Exchanges – Sorted By Domestic Market Capitalization (USD millions)

ExchangeName Region 2011  Market Size $million 2012
NYSE Euronext (US) Americas 11795575 $14,085,944
NASDAQ OMX Americas 3845132 $4,582,389
Japan Exchange Group – Tokyo Asia Pacific 3325388 $3,478,832
London SE Group EAME 3266418 $3,396,505
NYSE Euronext (Europe) EAME 2446767 $2,832,189
Hong Kong Exchanges Asia Pacific 2258035 $2,831,946
Shanghai SE Asia Pacific 2357423 $2,547,204
TMX Group Americas 1912122 $2,058,839
Deutsche Börse EAME 1184500 $1,486,315
Australian SE Asia Pacific 1198187 $1,386,874
BSE India Asia Pacific 1007183 $1,263,336
National Stock Exchange India Asia Pacific 985269.4 $1,234,492
SIX Swiss Exchange EAME 1089519 $1,233,439
BM&FBOVESPA Americas 1228936 $1,227,447
Korea Exchange Asia Pacific 996139.9 $1,179,419
Shenzhen SE Asia Pacific 1054685 $1,150,172
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange EAME 842100.9 $995,719
BME Spanish Exchanges EAME 1030988 $995,088
Johannesburg SE EAME 789037.1 $907,723
Singapore Exchange Asia Pacific 598272.7 $765,078
Taiwan SE Corp. Asia Pacific 635505.8 $735,293
Mexican Exchange Americas 408689.8 $525,057

Data: World Federation of Exchanges 2013