To answer this question the first difficulties is in establishing cause and – effect relations in the history of human societies.

From Neanderthals to the disappearance of the Woolly Mammoth to the dropping of the Atom bomb exploitation of the weakest has ensured POVERTY.

So I don’t think the answer is to be gained by dredging in past history.

The answer needs no other understanding than exploitation of the weakness since time began.

Geographic connectedness has exerted both positive and negative effects on all of us. Simple societies evolve into large complex ones.

We are seeing this today in the development of technology.

Now called the age of HYPERCONNECTIVITY (78% in the USA have household computers, 76% in Europe, 8% in Africa.)

Naturally, additional factors contributed to history’s courses, but they are becoming more a more irrelevant now that ideas diffuse everywhere instantly on the internet.

Entirely news powers are emerging with new rules, with cultural factors and influences of individual people looming large that will make future history more unpredictable. Raising an important unanswered question that may make future history inexplicable in term of environmental forces or indeed of any generalizable causes.

How do we rebalance and reorganize the economy so that it benefits everybody.

To build a new anti-poverty movement will require an Organisation and Actions that are creative, visible,and gripping. There are too many ways to keep people impoverished. We know the cost of everything and not the value. When you do nothing take on action you are tarnished by the abuse.

It’s just pure stupidity to say that poverty has being reduced.  

When you exclude China between 1990 – 2008 the number of people living in extreme poverty shrank only incrementally, from 1.2 billion to 1.1 billion.

Of total world income, 42% goes to those who make up the richest 10% of the world population, while just 1% goes to those who make up the poorest 10%. It’s no wonder that  equality is increasing out of control.

When you consider that value of $2 dollars in 1947 depending on which formula you work it out with was as follows.


Real Price – $20.60.  Labour Value – $29.60.  income Value – $59.60

Income or Wealth:

Historic Standard of Living – $20.16. Economic status $59.60 Economic Power $130


Historic Opportunity Cost – $16.30. Labour Cost $35. Economic Cost $130

Two Dollars is today purchasing power is worth sweet f all never mind the new Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) of five dollars.

So where are we?

Bill Gates points to the three Myths of Global Aid ( see TIme Jan 21,2014)

The Conference Board of Canada points to World Income Inequality.

Technology points to Job losses due to automation.

World history points to  exploitation.

Governments and politicians point everywhere but at themselves.

Our World Organisations, IMF < WORLD BANK < UNITED NATIONS point at World trade.

Banks point at a disaster. while the Economists and Politicians said” That’s terrible for the economy, let’s give them trillions.

I SAY UNLESS WE CAP GREED ( see previous blogs) and make our economies work for all  Poverty/ Inequality is here to stay.