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Water is complicated.

Unlike coal or petroleum water cannot be replaced.  It is intertwined with every sector of society.  Energy production, Agriculture, Industry.

It won’t be long before we will have move people to water.

The problem is that we humans are searching for it on Mars when we need be searching for ways to produce more water on earth.

97% of the water we have is Saltwater, with 2% is trapped in ice that leaves 1%. To put it another way : If all the water on earth was represented by an 11 litre jug, the fresh water would fill a singles cup, and we can only access the last drop.

Now if we keep growing in world population only by 2030 the demand for water will out strip supply by 40%.

We have had two waves of resource-driven imperialism in the modern era. Gold and Oil.

The third wave is currently being fought over the most valuable natural resource  WATER – Iraq, Libya, Syria.

Why bother with missiles,bullets and the like just turn the tap off and the wars will end.

At the moment France’s global mega water companies: Suez, Ondeo, and Saur, control almost half of the world’s $400 billion water market.

Syria controls 40% of Israel’s water.

Water is the commodity that determines the wealth and stability of nations and will in the not so distant future spell the difference between greatness and decline.

Now I can hear you saying what can I do about it.  All one can see is Conflicts, Poverty, Modern Day Slavery, Climate Change, Corruption, Greed.

Here is what you can do.

To stop Sovereign Wealth Funds Privatizing what is left of Fresh water you can read my previous blogs and get involved  to lobby the United Nations to introduce a World Aid Commission of 0.05%  on all Foreign Exchange Transaction over $20,000.

The funds raised by this commission can be used to protect what is of value to us all.