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The most recent centuries have seen extraordinary accomplishments in improving quality of Life AND WE MUST ALL LEARN TO MANAGE WITHIN IT. 

For example: All those interested in Health will have to learn to keep up with advances in digital monitoring through wireless technologies of biological information. In doing so learn how personal feedback systems will apply to prevention rather than cure.

We hear that change is accelerating, while the pace of change is accelerating faster.

It appears to me that this is true of computational carrying capacity at a planetary level and that the two are connected, but we are also seeing cultural de-acceleration.

We are investing our energy in futuristic information technologies that are creating Big Data. Another words machines get smarter, we are getting stupider.

Breakneck development of personal technology is creating over choice, and surplus complexity. Just look at communication. We at the point of gluttony. Choosing take’s time and our time is not unlimited. Businesses are engineering complexity which produces additional revenue.

Just look at what you have to agreed to before hitting the “I agree”

Or put Cooking Pot into Google and up come 8.600,000 results.

These technologies are also the basis of NSA spying, flying robots killing people, the wholesale privatisation of biological life itself.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not against the world of technology, but Big Data is going to change our world in way we cannot image.

If the key problems facing our species were to be solved, you would have to jail most of us, and there would be less and less work.

I can hear you saying so what, what’s your point.

Sorry I can not be more specific as they are in a state of developing and need your input.

Business and technologies can be the great engines that lifts billions out of poverty but they both need a new kind of values driven ethos rather than profit for profit sake.

Technology is developing in rich countries while Tigers are disappearing.

Which of the two contributors above to you think are more important to life in regard to REWARDING us.

Is Technology creating technological deserts of inequality? Is it that is replace Poverty with Big Data which is owned by the rich?

Is Technology Privatizing the World through Sovereign Wealth Funds?

So my point is that we must bring fresh thinking to our world if we are going to avoid Inequality on a scale that is all ready out of control.

You will see from previous blogs I advocate that humans are incapable of developing a system to avoid this happening due to greed.  So before we are all writing with GOOGLE Pens that need no Education lets hear what you have to say.